CodRef Title Commodity group Contract No Actions
TPT068 TPT068 Truck Tractor Heavy 6x6 AD720T Truck PD/C0157/18 Detail
TPT072 TPT072 Airfield Truck Fire Aviation Medium/Light 4x4 CAT 3 Fire Truck PD/C0019/20 Detail
TPT073 TPT073 Airfield Truck Fire Aviation Heavy 6x6 CAT 5+ Fire Truck PD/C0019/20 Detail
TPT074 TPT074 Airfield Truck Fuel Aviation Jet A1 6x6 20,000L Truck PD/C0157/18 Detail
TPT076 TPT076 Airfield Compressed Air Foam System Trailer Cat 3 Fire Fighting PD/C0019/20 Detail
TPT077 TPT077 Airfield - Ground Power Unit 140 KVA Ground Power PD/C0217/15 Detail
TPT078 TPT078 PLS Sewage Disposal 7,000L attachment Pallet Loading System PD/C0157/18 Detail
TPT080 TPT080 Multi-purpose off road vehicle Enabling Equipment No Contract Detail
TPT081 TPT081 Fleet Management and Vehicle Tracking System (FMVTS) Fleet Management No Contract Detail
TPT082 TPT082 Truck with Hydraulic crane Material Handling Equipment PD/C0157/18 Detail