CodRef Title Commodity group Contract No Actions
SUP048 SUP048 Scale postal Small Miscellaneous Supplies PD/C0065/17 Detail
SUP049 SUP049 Scale up to 10,000kg Miscellaneous Supplies PD/C0067/17 Detail
SUP052 SUP052 Shelving, Heavy Duty, Store Room Miscellaneous Supplies PD/C0076/17 Detail
SUP053 SUP053 Shelving, Industrial Pallet Rack Miscellaneous Supplies PD/C0076/17 Detail
SUP054 SUP054 Sleeping bag Miscellaneous Supplies PD/C0194/16 Detail
SUP055 SUP055 Smoke detector Personal protection gear PD/C0065/17 Detail
SUP056 SUP056 Transfer case body Miscellaneous Supplies PD/C0002/18 Detail
SUP057 SUP057 Transpallet jack lifter Miscellaneous Supplies PD/C0064/17 Detail
SUP058 SUP058 Vests reflective Personal protection gear 20/LBB/CON/012 Detail
SUP064 SUP064 Body Armor, with plates (size S) Personal protection gear PD/C0286/19 Detail