With the SDS online catalogue, our customers, partners and suppliers are provided with direct access to a range of capabilities with the aim to enhance their daily operations, whenever they need it, wherever they are.

The strategic deployment stocks consist of material and service capabilities maintained at the United Nations Logistics Base in Brindisi, Italy, to assist rapid support to new and existing field operations. Originally established for peacekeeping operations. Over 300 items are available from 6 different business areas:

  • Aviation and Transportation (e.g. Airfield equipment/supplies, vehicles);
  • Corporate Support (e.g. Office equipment, general supplies);
  • Facilities & Infrastructure (e.g. Power generation, water & wastewater treatment, prefabricated buildings);
  • Healthcare (e.g. Medical and clinical equipment & accessories, dental supplies);
  • Information and Communication Technologies (e.g. Telecommunications equipment, IT hardware, computers);
  • Security (e.g. Body armor, access control PPE);
  • And more

Please visit our online catalogue through the image link below to see all our available material.

For more information about the Strategic Deployment Stock capabilities, please use contact details below: