SGITT is the operational hub for the support and delivery of ICT services and solutions to field operations and it operates from two locations: UNSGC in Brindisi, Italy, and UNICTFV in Valencia, Spain.
SGITT supports Peacekeeping operations, Special Political Missions, UN Agencies, Funds and Programmes with round-the-clock, high-availability and resilient information and communications technology, and geospatial information services.

Within the Office of the Chief, SGITT:

The Digital Solutions Support Unit provides local on-campus support for desktop, telecommunications, email, printing and related devices as well as local video-conference support for the local users in Brindisi and Valencia.

The Administration and Programme Management Unit provides contract and administrative management; programme management; ICT resource management; budget planning, implementation and oversight as well as Spanish Host Country liaison support for the Chief, SGITT and the four core Sections in the two locations

Delivery Management is provided through two Sections:

The Client Solutions Delivery Section provides comprehensive corporate field technology solutions and support ranging from data capture and management, visualization, analytics, business intelligence and reporting, solution implementation and support, as well as environmental and ground water exploration services.

The Infrastructure Operations Section is a key operational enabler of the enterprise centralization and consolidation strategy under the ICT Strategy. It provides all the centrally required equipment, hardware, software, communications and supporting infrastructure and services, to allow clients around the world to connect and use secure UN information and communications systems.

Service Management is provided through two Sections:

The Service and Information Security Management Section performs cross-cutting functions related to information security, risk management, information technology service management, operational resilience, common event monitoring and service desk functions; and ensures holistic and joined-up common processes, which guarantee efficient, consistent and secure service delivery.

The Technology Development, Design and Planning Section identifies, harnesses and operationalizes innovative and emerging technology solutions that can serve as effort/force multipliers, and provide measurable advantages and benefits over traditional approaches. The Section takes a holistic approach: from exploration, solution identification, proof of concept, introduction to field missions, streamlining and enhancing existing practices, and mainstreaming successful technologies.

Organizational Chart

  Office of the Chief SGITT

  • Administration and Programme Management Unit
  • Digital Solutions Support Unit

   Client Solution Delivery Section

  • Data and Visualization Unit
  • Analytics and Location Intelligence Unit
  • Solutions and Support Unit

   Infrastructure Operations Section

  • Network Support Unit
  • Platform Support Unit
  • Technology Infrastructure Support Unit
  • Remote Mission Support Unit

   Service and Information Security
    Management Section

  • Bridge Operation Unit
  • Digital Security and Assurance Unit
  • Service Management Unit

   Technology Development, Design
   and Planning Section

  • Project Management and Planning Unit
  • Service Design and Transition Unit
  • Technology Development Unit