The Supply Chain Service (SCS) offers a wide variety of services not only to United Nations Peacekeeping and Political Missions, but to all United Nations entities which include Funds, Programmes and Agencies. These services have been tailored to answer to the ever changing environment of Field Missions and range between conventional logistics support to assistance in engineering design or satellite tracking of UN flights. If you require further information you can contact us at LS Customer Service (

Customer Service Unit

Acts as focal point for Missions and HQ and reaches out to the existing and potential clients to determine clients’ needs and monitor the efficiency and effectiveness of services provided.

Asset and Resource Management Section

Activities include performing Clearing House activities and informing Missions whether assets are available through SDS, UN Reserve, Missions surplus, Systems contracts or whether missions should proceed through local procurement.

Strategic Deployment Stock Unit (SDS)

Activities include maintaining the integrity of the composition table and coordinate review of the Strategic Deployment Stock Composition (including IT, Communications, Supply, Engineering, Medical and Transport).

Engineering Standardization and Design Centre (ESDC)

Activities Include developing designs, statement of requirements and technical specifications for complex engineering projects/ systems contracts for field missions.

Environmental Engineering & Compliance Unit (ECU/ESDC/LS/UNGSC)

The Environmental Engineering & Compliance Unit aims to provide engineered solutions, support environmental improvements and compliance monitoring through the implementation of ISO14001 standard. GSC has a new Environmental Policy that has been approved and implemented (Environmental Policy.pdf).


The aim of modularization is to provide field missions with the capacity to rapidly build up field facilities by using a range of individual basic modules that can be configured for different deployments, particularly for start-up, surge operations, or emergencies and urgencies.

Strategic Air Operations Centre (SAOC)

Activities include the provision of Global Monitoring and Centralized Planning and Coordination for Strategic Airlift Movement.

Maintenance & Repair (CMRS)

Activities include Fleet, Generators & Office Equipment maintenance, refurbishment and service repairs.

Warehousing & Distribution (CWDS)

Includes, the Receiving, Storing and Management of all Strategic Deployment Stocks, UN Reserve, and UNLB inventories in accordance with UN financial rules and regulations.

Movement Control (MovCon)

Manages the flow of inbound and outbound cargo at UNGSC in coordination with Logistics Operations and is critical in supporting the strategic movement of equipment to deploying and existing Missions.

Property Management Section (PMS)

Activities include Daily control of financial transactions and financial reporting of UNOE holdings, Monitoring and reporting of KPI and Service Delivery Standards adherence, Global inventory analysis and Global codification of assets and expendable property.

Logistics Operations

Activities include Material Handling Unit, Receiving and Inspection Unit, Mission Support Team for rapid deployment to Missions of specialized technicians, Liquidation Unit.


Training offered to mission in a variety of Logistics area such as Transport, Engineering, Property Management, Aviation or Supply.