The Central Service is a hub of functions that provides support services for UNGSC internal operations, such as finance, human resources, procurement, property management, conference and learning services, facilities management, security and other campus support activities, while operationalizing special programmes for the Secretariat and United Nations field missions in the area of occupational health and safety. The Central Service acts in an enabling role, to allow the two service delivery pillars, namely Service for Geospatial, Information and Telecommunications Technologies (SGITT) and Supply Chain Service (SCS), as well as the several tenant units, to deliver their operational mandates.

The Central Service is the advisory pillar supporting the Director UNGSC on strategic and managerial matters related to the organization.


Office of Chief Central Service
Programme management within the Office of Chief Central Service, budget planning, implementation, monitoring and oversight, performance reporting, recruitment monitoring etc

Finance and Budget
GSC budget planning, implementation and monitoring, provision of finance services to UNGSC

Human Resources
Provision of HR services including the recruitment of staff, engagement of consultants and individual contractors, administration of benefits and entitlements, travel and visa service

Procuring of goods and services required for corporate operations while ensuring that the purchase process respects the principles of fairness, integrity and transparency through competition. UNGSC is committed to achieving the best value for money and cost effectiveness, while taking other factors into account, such as social and environmental sustainability.

Conference and Learning Centre
Provision of administrative and logistical support to conferences, training courses and workshops, staff development and communication activities

Property Management
Advisor on property management policy and performance compliance, including execution or Delegation of Authority for property entrusted to UNGSC; write off of property and claims review board activities

Occupational Safety & Health
Provision of OSH training programmes, at UNGSC and in the field aimed at protecting peace operations personnel against workplace safety and health hazards, injury, ill-health and associated work-related accidents.
Development and maintenance of the organization’s on-line OSH reporting system for centralized monitoring of work-related incident trends and operational activity in the UN working environment)

Campus Support
Provision of operational, remote and on ground support at the UNGSC facilities in Brindisi and Valencia. Services provided include maintenance, repair, refurbishment, janitorial activities as well as transportation services, management of environmental matters and safety coordination on construction sites.

Enables the conduct of UN activities while ensuring the safety, security and well-being of personnel and the security of UNGSC premises and assets)