Central Service is primarily responsible to provide efficient and effective support to the technical pillars of Field Technology Service (FTS) and Supply Chain Service (SCS), ensuring a seamless functioning of the United Nations Global Service Centre (UNGSC).

Tools for Global Service Delivery Model

Not limited to the internal support, Central Service provides services to external clients in different areas:

Administrative support
United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) back office for some of the administrative functions.

Management of training and other learning activities hosted at GSC
Management of Conferences for UN Agencies such as United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).
Comprehensive operational mission procurement and acquisition support service (COMPASS)
COMPASS to United Nations Office for West Africa (UNOWA) and Bureau régional des Nations Unies pour l'Afrique centrale (UNOCA).
Occupational Health and Safety (OSH)
provides and active contribution to the protection of peace operations personnel against workplace safety and health hazards, injury, ill-health, accidents, incidents and to eliminate hazards, prevent incidents or minimize risk in regards to all possible unintentional and non-malicious safety acts or conditions.

Central Service is the advisory pillar supporting the Director GSC on strategic and managerial matters related to the organization, by executing the management of:
Finance and Budget (budget monitoring, payments, etc)
Human Resources (recruitment, benefit entitlements, performance)
Procurement (requisitioning of goods and services for Brindisi and Valencia)
Conference Learning Centre (management of trainings and conferences, development of webex learning modules)
Programme Management (analysis and strategy, Policy, risk and crisis management, Business Continuity, Results Based Budgeting (RBB)
Property Management (monitoring of GSC inventories, write off/sale of assets, etc)
Occupational Health and Safety (being GSC the hub for training, we deliver courses to all UN Field Mission, other UN Agencies and International Organizations)
Campus Support (management of facilities for Brindisi and Valencia, supervision of engineering and maintenance projects)
Safety and Security (24/7 hours security services in Brindisi and Valencia, Safe and Secure Approaches in Field Environments (SSAFE) training)