Central Service comprises the service component that relates to the self-sustainment of the Brindisi and Valencia sites. Base Support manages the areas of Procurement, Finance and Human Resources and hosts conferences, training, and workshops for the DFS/DPKO field community.

Tools for Global Service Delivery Model

The Central Service service delivery model is designed to meet the dynamic requirements of the UNGSC and the field missions it serves. Depending on specific client needs, location and capacities, Central Service administrative assistance is made available through three basic channels:

Onsite support

Under the Mission Support Team (MST) initiative under Logistics Service, specialized Central Service personnel are dispatched, individually or as part of a team, to temporarily address capacity gaps in field missions;

Remote/back-office support

Presently, Central Service is responsible for procurement operations for United Nations Office for West Africa (UNOWA), United Nations Office for Central Africa (UNOCA) and UNSMIL.
The procurement back-office support activities are provided through COMPASS (Comprehensive Operational Mission Procurement and Acquisition Support Service), a service package focused on Special Political Missions (SPMs), with specific emphasis on those with limited or no procurement capacity.
COMPASS has been effectively implemented in three SPMs Base Support also provides back-office finance and human resources operations for UNSMIL.

The Conference & Learning Centre Unit

Hosts and manages a training and conference hub for DPKO, DFS and other UN Department, Agencies and Offices. CLC administers, manages and delivers support to over 4,000 visitors each year, including briefing packages for universities and schools to promote awareness and understanding of UNGSC and its operations.
It also develops and delivers in-house training courses to UNGSC and field mission personnel using local and/or external experts. Base Support also manages a number of other on-base support services including the Medical Clinic - responsible for maintaining the health and well-being of staff members and their dependents, trainees and visitors – Archive Unit, Mail & Pouch Unit, Campus/Facilities Support Unit and the Base Transportation Unit.