For the past 25 years, UNLB has served the needs of peace operations.
In 2010, in line with the Global Field Support Strategy of the Department of Field Support, UNLB, together with UNSBV (established in 2009) became known as the United Nations Global Service Centre.
UNGSC’s mandate is to provide critical Logistics, Geospatial, Information&Telecommunications Technologies services and Training to all Secretariat Entities, Peacekeeping and Special Political missions, Agencies, Funds and Programmes of the UN system worldwide.
UNGSC is comprised of three core Service areas:

• Supply Chain Service (SCS)
• Service for Geospatial, Information and Telecommunications Technologies (SGITT)
• Central Service (CS)

The first two Service areas represent the core of UNGSC’s service provision to peace operations.
Central Service, primarily an internal service provider of self-sustainment support for UNLB and UNSBV, also manages the Conference and Learning Centre, facilitating training and conference events for over 4000 visitors each year.

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