ASTRO®25 Integrated Voice and Data 6.x/7.x Secure Communications Workshop - ACS71207

Category : Communications

Sub Category : Radio

Objectives : This workshop will describe the planning, installation, configuration, operations, and troubleshooting of Secure Communications within the ASTRO® 25 Integrated Voice and Data (IV&D) System. It will help students to:

Describe the implementation of Secure Communications in the ASTRO® 25 IV&D system

List the purpose and function of the encryption keys

Describe how supported calls are transmitted in a secure mode

List the security precautions that must be considered for all Secure Communications devices

Describe the role of the Key Management Facility (KMF) Client

Describe the use of management windows in configuring the KMF

Describe how to perform administration procedures within the KMF submenus

Describe the role of the Key Variable Loader (KVL)

Discuss the different diagnostic and troubleshooting tools and how to use them

Detailed course agenda will focus on the following aspects:

System Overview

Planning and Organizing



Over the Air Rekeying (OTAR)

Administering and Monitoring

Fault Management and Troubleshooting

MCC 7500

Target Audience : Course is intended for radio technicians in the field involved in the operation, installation and management of Motorola ASTRO equipment.

Note : N/A

Attachments :

Course Dates

Date Duration Venue Status
28/01/2008 - 01/02/2008 4.5 days Postponed

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