ASTRO XTL 5000 Mobile Radio (2006) - MPS014

Category : Communications

Sub Category : Radio

Objectives : This course is intended to give delegates the concepts, procedures and programming parameters that are specific to the XTL 5000 mobile radio. Specifically, it will provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to:

Disassemble and reassemble the radio in accordance with proper procedures

Use programming parameters that are particular to XTL 5000 radios

Conduct performance checks on the radio

Perform the alignment procedures of an XTL 5000 radio

Describe the theory of operation of an XTL 5000 radio in comparison to other models

Topics covered will include:

Disassembly/Reassembly of the XTL 5000 radio

Alignment procedures

CPS Programming (Specific to the XTL 5000)

Troubleshooting tips and recent SRN’s

Test Points

Model Specific Theory

Receive Signal Flow

Transmit Signal Flow

Power amplifier theory of operation

Patriot IC and support circuitry

Controller Transmit audio path

Controller Receive audio path

Control Head Theory of operation

Target Audience : Course is intended for radio technicians in the field involved in the operation, installation and management of Motorola ASTRO equipment.

Note : N/A

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Course Dates

Date Duration Venue Status
24/01/2008 - 25/01/2008 2 days Postponed

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