ASTRO XTS 5000 Digital Portable Radio - EHT003

Category : Communications

Sub Category : Radio

Objectives : In this course participants will learn how to identify, program, checkout, align, disassemble and troubleshoot the radio. The radio's power routing, recommended test equipment and service aids, performance checks, and radio alignment procedures will be covered.

Detailed course program will include:

Product Introduction

Identify the XTS 5000 models and physical features of the radio

Overview of radio's basic operating specification

Customer Programming Software

Performance Check

Overview of test equipment and service aids used to service the XTS 5000 and the initial test equipment control settings

Radio Tuner Alignment

Disassembly and Reassembly Procedure

Theory of Operation ASTRO Project 25

Upon completion of the course students will be able to:

Program the operation of an XTS 5000 radio with Customer Programming Software

Conduct performance checks on the radio to ensure that it is operating within published specifications

Align the radio’s operating parameters using the tuner software

Disassemble and reassemble the radio in accordance with proper procedures

Understand the circuit theory of operation

Use the theory of operation to isolate faults found to both the board and the components

Target Audience : Course is intended for radio technicians in the field involved in the operation, installation and management of Motorola ASTRO equipment.

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Course Dates

Date Duration Venue Status
22/01/2008 - 23/01/2008 2 days Postponed

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