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The UNGSC Conference and Learning Centre (CLC) hosts training courses, conferences, workshops, panel sessions organized by the Secretariat, UN Departments, Agencies, Funds and Programmes.
We provide logistic and administrative support, offer well-equipped facilities to cater all training needs.
With an average of more than 3000 participants per year, we provide dedicated support to make activities effective and enjoyable.
We also deliver presentations to local schools to promote awareness and understanding of the UNGSC operations.

Our Main Services

At the CLC, we are pleased to do our utmost to ensure a productive and enjoyable experience.

Rooms are equipped with state of art technology:

VTC systems
Extensive sounds system
Wireless and table microphones
Our services range from:

Invitation to participants
Facilitation of hotel booking
Tours of UNGSC premises
Assistance during events
Lost luggage retrieval assistance
Videos and pictures
Organization of refreshments/social events
Training Centre Catalogue - Course & Activities

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