The United Nations Logistics Base in Brindisi is a vibrant operation, providing logistic support, telecommunications and training for all peacekeeping operations around the world. In 2005, UNLB is serving 18 peacekeeping operations and numerous smaller offices from the warehouses, workshops, satellite-transmitters, network-stations and classrooms in Brindisi. The past year has seen the launch of six new operations with the invaluable support of UNLB.

The overall mandate for the United Nations Logistics Base is to ensure efficient and effective peacekeeping. This includes some of the following activities:
  • Storage, maintenance, receipt, inspection, issuance and rotation of vehicles, engineering materials and supplies and equipment needed to start and sustain peacekeeping missions;

  • Maintenance of worldwide communication and information technology networks for peacekeeping missions and headquarters, including satellite links for provision of worldwide voice, video and data network, and disaster recovery capability;

  • Refurbishment of vehicles, generators and air-conditioning units for inclusion in the United Nations reserve stocks and reissue to peacekeeping missions;

  • Provision of ground support to aircraft movements through UNLB;

  • Administration of training courses, seminars and pre-deployment briefings through the Center of Excellence Training Facility